The Kentucky Chapter
of the
Pagan Unity Campaign's
Political Action Committee

The mission of the Pagan Unity Campaign (PUC) is to unify the many diverse branches of Paganism in America. We are not attempting to unify Pagans under a religious umbrella, but we want Pagans to come together under the banner of Freedom.

  • The PUC does not attempt do define Paganism; however when addressing an elected official, it is PUC's decision to state that: "Paganism may be loosely defined as any of a group of positive, life-affirming, earth-honoring faiths usually based in ancient beliefs."

  • PUC does not support nor represent Satanist, Atheist, or cults.

  • State Representatives

    Press and Media

    Pagan Bill of Rights



    Email the Kentucky State Chair directly
    Morgaine Swann

    Researchers: The Pagan Laws project needs a dedicated individual who has the ability to lead a committee to locate information both online and off. If you have this talent and wish to use it to help with this important project please contact Ginger Strivelli.

    Data Entry: If you are experienced with data entry, are detail oriented and wish to fill a vital role in the Pagan Laws Project, should a Chair for this committee be found, please contact Ginger Strivelli today!

    To update your states contact information, please contact our webmaster,
    Rev.John Mc. Zimmerman

    Note: to find the name and address for your elected officials, please visit
    and for our president visit

    Email the National President of PUC directly at

    For Immediate Release

    Protecting the Religious Rights of All Americans


    Date: Jan 14th, 2003


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